Family Caregiver Support

The first rule of caregiving is to take care of yourself. If you don't, you are at risk of becoming ill, burned out, or just plain angry. Your good health is important for you, your loved one, and your whole family.        

Understand that even though you are family, you are a caregiver. Learn some of the statistics on family caregivers. Find a support group for caregivers, so you won't feel alone. Many resources are available for you. Ask for help!  


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    Support groups are a fact of modern life-whether for people dealing with divorce or life-threatening disease-and more and more for family caregivers. According to an article in the textbook Psychiatric Nursing, over 20% of Americans have participated in some type of self-help group, and with the introduction of online groups, the percentage is growing rapidly. However, deciding to participate in a support group, or finding one that is right for you, isn't necessarily an easy thing to do.

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    The following excerpt provides you with practical information for interacting with insurance company personnel, one of the categories of healthcare professionals we all encounter as family caregivers...

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  • What the Experts Say
    Family caregivers provide support, love, and a hefty portion of help. Help to meet medical needs, help to manage logistics, help to enjoy life in the face of difficulty. But helping someone, especially a loved one, can be complicated. Family caregivers often worry about mastering medical information and learning specific skills only to discover that the real difficulty is negotiating how much or what kind of help their loved one will accept.

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Wear bright colors and shiny jewelry to keep your loved one's attention on you when discussing important matters.