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I Want to Plan for the Future

The difficult legal, financial, and practical decisions that come along with eldercare become much easier if you prepare for them in advance, preferably while your loved one can still participate fully. It’s never too early to start planning and preparing, either for a loved one who may soon need care or for your own eventual needs.

Legal and Financial Preparation

You may have worked all your life to save for retirement, but have you thought about how to pay for all the potential expenses you might incur? It’s a good idea to establish your wishes now to ensure that they’ll be taken into account should you become unable to express yourself. Here are the top things to get started on now:

  1. Create a plan for long term care
  2. Write or revise your will and create a trust, if applicable.
  3. Discuss and document your preferences for medical treatment should you become seriously ill using advance directives.
  4. Identify and document who will manage your affairs if you cannot. Discuss this with them.
  5. Organize and collect important documents in one location and let a loved one know where they can find them.


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