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Q: Dear Doctor Marion, My mother is taking about 23 different medications. She is having bad reactions to some of these medications. Is there any type of doctor that helps with "medication management"? – Barbara, Oxnard, CA

A: Believe it or not, what you’re going through with your mother is very common. I’m not a medical doctor, and my experience has been that when there are issues surrounding medication, it’s vital for you to consult with a medical doctor who is also a gerontologist. Gerontologists have a better understanding of the effects and side effects of medication on an elderly population. They also know when medications are contra-indicated, and can tell you if your mother should or should not be taking various vitamins and over-the-counter items.

Before you contact a gerontologist, be sure to list out all of your mother’s medications and make sure each one of her doctors gets that list. I even take the list to the local pharmacist since he or she is often aware of any problems that can arise from that many different medications. It’s also smart to contact a nutritionist who is an expert at dealing with the elderly. The gerontologist and nutritionist can then work together on a plan that is height, weight, and age appropriate for your mother.

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Hire help for the most common tasks such as cleaning the home, handyman work, and taking care of trash disposal. You can hire help on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, all depending on your needs, financial ability, and your elder’s wishes. Search out community and government services as well as family aides and religious organizations.

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