Tips for Finding a Support Group

You can find support groups through a number of resources. Here are some suggestions for finding the right one for you:

Ask friends and family members with experience providing care to a loved one or friend if they can recommend any groups.
Check with local religious organizations or agencies to find what is available for your particular situation.
Check with the local chapters of disease-specific organizations.
Contact the local Area Agency on Aging.
Contact your community's senior center.
Contact home health agencies in your area.
Check with a local marriage and family therapist or psychologist's office.
Talk to the social service or social workers at a local hospital.
Check the time and frequency the group meets and make sure it is convenient to you. You will need to make time in your schedule to attend regularly.
Visit a few groups to find one that you like. Each may follow its own format. At the very least, find one that:
Provides a safe and inviting environment
Respects confidentiality
Is run by experienced professionals and supportive peers
Occasionally offers guest speakers and professionals
If you can't find a group you like, start one yourself or consider online support services.


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